About us

CAPS is an independent advocacy organisation. This means we are completely independent from the people who fund us and those who provide other services to the people we work with. We provide individual and collective advocacy in East Lothian and Midlothian. We also host several experience-led projects across Lothian.

Collective advocacy at CAPS is open to people who use or have used mental health services.

Our individual advocacy service is for adults who are experiencing a mental health issue or who use drugs or alcohol. We also work with children and young people attending a Children’s Hearing.

We believe in the importance of independence and we:

  • put the people who use advocacy first;
  • aim to be as free as possible from any conflicts of interest;
  • aim to be accountable to those we work with;
  • aim to be accessible to those we work with

CAPS is a full member of the Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. We are managed by a volunteer Management Committee.

CAPS provides collective and individual advocacy and also hosts several experience-led projects across Lothian. We assist the people we work with to set their own agenda; to find a stronger voice; to get their point across and influence decisions which affect them.

We do this by:

  • providing advocates to work with individuals;
  • finding out about and publishing people’s views on mental health issues and services;
  • involving people who use services in the training of staff who work in the service;
  • recruiting, training and supporting volunteer advocates;
  • promoting the principles of independent advocacy
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