Collective Advocacy – Midlothian

CAPS provides Collective Advocacy opportunities for people who live in Midlothian and who use, or have used, mental health services. The Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act 2003 gives people the right to access Independent Advocacy.

So groups of individuals with a common cause come together to raise awareness, campaign and influence service planning and provision. CAPS works with groups in Midlothian to talk about mental health services and other issues.

If you, or a group you go to, would like to meet with someone from CAPS then you can contact us on 0131 273 5116 to arrange a meeting or to get more information. You can also email

You can read the report about what people in Midlothian said was important to them, called ‘Things to Do, Places to Go, People to See’

For mental health information relevant to Midlothian go to

Read our Midlothian newsletter for CAPS updates and events near you!


What are your experiences of psychological therapies in Midlothian?

CAPS is trying to gather views of people who have accessed psychological therapies in Midlothian. This is because we know that more people are being offered these services through GP appointments, and referrals to Community Mental Health services.

Waiting lists for these services are very long and not everybody who is offered a service is taking up the opportunity or they are dropping out before the therapy is complete.

CAPS is interested in finding out if there are reasons that this may be happening, so that we can tell services how they can make this better for people.

We are asking people that have already accessed services about what they thought of what was offered as well as people who are waiting for appointments what they think of their experience so far.

There is a survey monkey available to complete at this link; , or if you would like to contribute by getting in touch personally, or simply find out more about this, please get in contact on 0131 273 5116 or


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