LEARN – Education As Advocacy

LEARN provides free mental health courses to anyone who works or lives in the NHS Lothian area.
Our courses are designed and delivered by people with lived experience of mental health issues and are based on what collective advocacy groups say is important to them.

Working With Our Experiences: making a difference

Starting Monday 7 October 2019!

A course of 5 afternoon sessions exploring what this means for people with lived experience of mental health issues.
Dates: Mondays 7, 14, 21 and 28 October and 4 November
Time: 14:00 to 16:30
Venue: LEARN, Floor K, Argyle House, 3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR

Together, we will explore what “lived experience” means to us. How do we talk about our experiences? What are some of the ways we might want to use them? Can we use them creatively? What other experiences matter to us?

Contact: Anne O’Donnell at anne@capsadvocacy.org or 0746 966 0999 to find out more.

keep an eye here or on our Facebook page to find out when more courses will run.

Our Courses:

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Our newest offering is called Exploring Experiences of Psychosis.

The Experiences of Psychosis collective advocacy group have developed a unique day-long workshop which uses creative expressions to provide an opportunity for shared learning and discussion on what it’s like to experience psychosis.

Seen But Not Heard: Understanding Eating Disorders.

This is a half day session by the Eating Disorder collective advocacy group which helps participants understand a little of the experience of people with a range of eating disorders and gives them the opportunity to think about how they can help people they know and themselves. 

Much More Than A Label: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder.

This is a 2 day course based on a big piece of research the Personality Disorder group did a few years ago about what the experiences of people who get this diagnosis are, what they consider helpful from services and others and what can get in the way of them recovering.

Changing Times, Changing Minds

a history of mental health in Scotland, particularly in the Lothians, from the perspective of people with lived experience. It draws on the Oor Mad History project which is a community history of the user movement and collective advocacy in the Lothians. We also draw on the work of other survivor/service user activism. We then go on to look to the future of what we would like society’s responses to mental distress to be. We finish off by thinking what we can do now to make that future more likely.

Working With Our Experiences

the only course that is only open for people with lived experience – this course is less of a course and more of a space for people to think about the different experiences they might want to draw on to make a difference – in peer support work, in creative work such as writing or art, in collective advocacy, in delivering training or awareness sessions… It runs over 6 weeks and is semi-structured as we respond to the interests and needs of the group.  

We are also about to start developing a new course which will be a general introduction to mental health in the same vein as our existing courses.

If you want to book a place on any of our courses, please contact Julie or Anne at learn@capsadvocacy.org or call us on 07910 021 537 giving your contact email address and tell us in which part of Edinburgh/Lothians you live/work.

If your team or group are interested in having one of our educators visit your team to explain more about LEARN courses, please get in touch with Anne on anne@capsadvocacy.org

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