Conversations For Change

Conversations for change is an exciting public art project about mental health. This is a See Me funded project. A series of events will generate conversations about mental health in everyday places in the community of Edinburgh. In September 2015 a final artwork will be created. 

For more information you can go to the website: 

Hidden Door Arts Festival

Conversations for Change held an “intervention” at Hidden Door Arts Festival in May 2015 where they asked passers by if mental health was a difficult topic for everyday conversation.

hiddendoor   hiddendoor2

The idea is to speak about mental health in places that would be unexpected to raise awareness and tackle stigma.

Over three days we had about 200 conversations!

hiddendoorconv   morehd

The creative team also held a workshop at A Sense of Belonging: Taking Stock where the word was spread about the project and encouraged more conversations about mental health.





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