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OUR LOCKDOWN EXPERIENCE  – ‘Virtually’ the People’s Conference 2020

31st of July 2020 on ZOOM from 1.15pm to 4.45pm. Flipchart with 6 symbols lectern, hands clapping, an emoticon with a mask, toilet paper, a cartoon of a bear bottle watching tv and a stickfigure swearing at the computer. -

The People’s Conference is an annual event organised by the Lothian Voices Collective Advocacy group for people with lived experience of mental health issues who live in the NHS Lothian area. This year, we will be discussing our experiences of lockdown and Covid-19.

As usual, the People’s Conference will have lots of discussion and and  interactive activities to join in with, even though we will be online. We will  discuss a variety of topics about our experiences of lock down and Covid-19, such as access to services, motivation, isolation, and look at some of the things that have been done that have kept us connected.

If you would like to attend please get in contact with Ele on 07948 740 158 or to register a place by the 15th of July.

We will be sending out resource packs to anyone who would like to come along, with some useful items for the day as well as a few goodies!





5 May 2020 The current Coronavirus situation is unprecedented. It is causing a huge change in society, creating uncertainty, anxiety, and disruption to normal lives and normal routines. For people with an eating disorder, this disruption may bring about extra challenges that may be difficult to deal with on top of everything else. Quite often, living with an eating disorder already brings fear and panic, and the current situation has the potential to intensify this. The CAPS Eating Disorder collective advocacy group, Seen But Not Heard, have put together some information on their experience of living in these extraordinary times, and addressed some concerns that people living with an eating disorder may have.

Download Covid-19 – Eating Disorder Experiences CAPS 2020






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