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New Children’s Hearing Advocacy service

21 September 2020: We are delighted to announce our Children’s Hearings Advocacy service. Lara and Rosie are our Children & Young People’s Individual Advocacy Workers. They provide individual advocacy to children and young people who are being supported by the Children’s Hearings System. See the webpage for more details including how to contact them. 



5 May 2020 The current Coronavirus situation is unprecedented. It is causing a huge change in society, creating uncertainty, anxiety, and disruption to normal lives and normal routines. For people with an eating disorder, this disruption may bring about extra challenges that may be difficult to deal with on top of everything else. Quite often, living with an eating disorder already brings fear and panic, and the current situation has the potential to intensify this. The CAPS Eating Disorder collective advocacy group, Seen But Not Heard, have put together some information on their experience of living in these extraordinary times, and addressed some concerns that people living with an eating disorder may have.

Download Covid-19 – Eating Disorder Experiences CAPS 2020






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