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What is Independent Advocacy

Experiences of Psychosis

Have you experienced psychosis?

Do you want to:

Have your say about information and services for people who have experienced psychosis?

Try to make changes in the way you are treated or the services that you receive?

Then get in touch and get involved in this collective advocacy project!

What Does the Project Do?

The aim of the project is for people who have experienced psychosis to come together, have a collective voice and create change.

The group decides what it wants to do (it is experience-led) and has a CAPS staff member to enable/facilitate its decisions.

For example, the group could:

  • collect the views of people with lived experience of psychosis
  • use people’s views and experiences to create resources and training
  • explore different ways to get information about people’s experiences across

For more information or to get involved, contact Molly on or download the Experiences of Psychosis leaflet

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