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Experiences of Psychosis

A group art work by experiences of psychosis collective advocacy group
An artwork created by the group

Have you experienced psychosis? Do you live within Edinburgh or the Lothians?

Do you want to:

Have your say about information and services for people who have experienced psychosis?

Try to make changes in the way you are treated or the services that you receive?

Then get in touch and get involved in this collective advocacy project!

What does the project do?

The Experiences of Psychosis collective advocacy project works to have a stronger voice for the lived experience of psychosis and to raise awareness and work for change. We believe in liberty and equality.

The group decides what it wants to do – it is experience-led. We look to find ways to share this collective voice. We hope to work to redress power inequalities for people with lived experience of psychosis. As well as challenge discrimination and assumptions, and to influence services and society. We do this through conversations with others dealing with psychosis, whether as a professional, from their own experience, or in the community.

The group has spent large portion of our time delivering workshops, both in CAPS and externally. These have been developed by the group and arise from the discussions we have about psychosis. They include creative work that communicates how people understand psychosis. The Experiences of Psychosis group has run workshops to students at Queen Margaret University and Edinburgh University, some to occupational therapy students and some to psychology students. We will also look for other ways for people’s voices to be heard, such as attending conferences or policy meetings.

We recognise that people can have very different experiences of psychosis and we seek to include and present a wide range of perspectives. People do not need a diagnosis to be part of the group, but need to self-identify as having their own personal lived experience of psychosis.

We are always open to new people, and welcome new voices to the group. We aim to be accessible and connect beyond those currently involved.

For more information or to get involved, contact or download the Experiences of Psychosis leaflet

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