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Oor Mad History Ten Years On is published!

The Oor Mad History project aims to reclaim and promote the history of activism and collective advocacy by people with mental health issues. The group of people who work on the project have now published their second book!

A pile of books on a desk the front cover reads Oor Mad History Ten Years On. There is a cloud of multicoloured words

The book brings together the memories and recollections of the people involved in collective advocacy and ‘mad activism’ in Lothian from 2010 to 2020. The Oor Mad History group, who are all people with their own experience of mental health issues, have worked together to research and create the book. The group gathered 10 written submissions and conducted 24 oral history interviews with people involved in collective advocacy and activism. It is their voices that are recorded in the book. It also brings to life some of the words and images from the Oor Mad History archive.

Please contact to get your hands on a copy! Or alternatively you can download the book here.

The design of Oor Mad History Ten Years On

In this article designer James Brook introduces us to the design for Oor Mad History Ten Years On. Participants involved through the community history group have steered James’ work on the design.

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