Oor Mad History

What does the project do?

We’re a community history project based at CAPS. Set up in 2008, our aim is to reclaim and promote the history of activism and collective advocacy by people with mental health issues. Email Lindsay on lindsay@capsadvocacy.org for more information. OMH logo

Oor Mad History is currently working on a new book which will celebrate the history of the survivor/user movement in Lothian since 2008. This is a follow up to our 2010 book, Oor Mad History – A Community History of the Lothian Mental Health Service User Movement


A man standing next to a stack of 6 document boxes - both are the same height.
Jim McGill, and some of the archive boxes

We’ve created an archive of material from different user groups by gathering material from various people.
It includes posters, leaflets, reports, notes and other written materials as well as t-shirts, badges and postcards. 


Oral History

A person on a chair with paper in his hand facing another person on a sofa.
Oral History interview

We trained volunteers to carry out over 70 oral history interviews with people who had been active in the user movement and allies. We recorded all the interviews and transcribed them.
Some of the archive and all of the recordings have been lodged with the Lothian Health Services Archive for safe keeping.


Mad People’s History and Identity course

A silhouette of people waving signs. The text reads Mad People's History and Identity. A FREE course by about and for people who have lived experience of mental health issues.

This is a free course by, about and for people who have lived experience of mental health issues. It runs once a year at Queen Margaret University. Contact Elaine Ballantyne at QMU eballantyne@qmu.ac.uk for more information.

Mad Studies

We are involved with the new Mad Studies postgraduate course at Queen Margaret University. Contact Elaine Ballantyne at QMU eballantyne@qmu.ac.uk for more information 

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