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Making text larger or smaller

The standard text size can be increased and decreased on most browsers by pressing Ctrl and + or – (for Apple Mac, users the Apple key and + or -). You can also go to your web browser’s View menu and select ‘Zoom text only’ to achieve the perfect size that suits you.

If you want more control of the size and font, go into the ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Internet Options’ (in Firefox and Safari, you’ll need to go to the Preferences menu), you will find further text adjustment options in the ‘Content’ section.

Changing the colours of the web page

Mozilla Firefox:

You can adjust the colours of the text and background in your web browser’s Preferences menu. Select the Content tab. Under the ‘Fonts & Colours’ heading, and select ‘Colours…’. Uncheck the tick box next to ‘Allow pages to choose their own colours…’, and you can then set your own choice of colours for text, background and links.

Internet Explorer:

You can change colours for text and background in your browser’s ‘Tools’ menu. Select Internet Options, then accessibility. Select the white square next to ‘Ignore colours specified on web pages’.

In the Internet Options box, select Colours. Another box will then open. Uncheck the box marked ‘Use Windows colours’, and click the rectangle to the right of ‘Text’ and choose a text colour (e.g. pink). Next, click the rectangle to the right of ‘Background’ and choose a background colour (e.g. black). Finally, select the OK button or use the keyboard to tab to the OK button and press Enter.

For more help on how to adjust your computer’s display to your needs, you can view the BBC’s guide here.(this opens in a new window)

If you have any issues accessing the website, please contact Catherine Street on 07971 951 502 or email

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