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What is Independent Advocacy

Why not … become a member of CAPS?

We are a membership organisation, and membership is open to any individual living in Scotland aged 16 or over who is in agreement with the purposes of CAPS.

CAPS’ purposes are to advance and promote human rights; facilitate community development and educate people about mental health issues through the provision of:

  1. independent collective advocacy to people who are experiencing, or have experienced mental health issues or disadvantage;
  2. independent individual advocacy to people experiencing disadvantage and who need help to express their views and wishes;
  3. education and information sessions informed and led by people with experience of mental health issues.

CAPS is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), which means that:

  • membership of CAPS may not be transferred from one member to another, and
  • members must:
    • act in the interests of CAPS, and
    • seek, in good faith, to ensure that CAPS acts in a manner which is consistent with its charitable purposes.

If you’d like to become a member, please fill in our application form.

For more information about our charitable purposes and membership, our constitution is available here constitution.

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