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Veterans Collective Advocacy

Are you a military veteran?

  • Do you live in Scotland?
  • Would you like to get together with other veterans to direct the way that services are provided to veterans and their families?

What is a veteran?

A UK veteran is someone who has served in HM Armed Forces for at least one day (Regular or Reserve), to include the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, and the Merchant Marines under legally defined military operations.

If you are a veteran of the British Armed Forces living in Scotland, we invite you to join this collective advocacy project. Our goal is to amplify all veteran voices and perspectives to guide the work of the Scottish Veterans Wellbeing Alliance. This includes, but is not restricted to, veterans of minority religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds, of the LGBTQIA+ community, females, and other traditionally under-represented groups within the military community.

What are the Scottish Veterans’ Wellbeing Alliance and The Veterans Advisory Group?

The Scottish Veterans’ Wellbeing Alliance (SVWA) is a network of UK Armed Forces charities. They have a collective mission to improve the lives of veterans and their families within Scotland. Alliance member organisations use their unique strengths to collectively provide spaces and places across Scotland where veteran communities can receive and provide support and develop community.

Our collective advocacy group ensures that veterans’ lived experiences are represented and reflected in the services provided by SVWA member organisations.

What is collective advocacy?

Collective advocacy happens when a group of people with similar experiences decide to work together. They raise awareness and improve things for themselves and people like them. Collective advocacy creates a safe and welcoming space for people to get together, explore shared issues and find common ground. This type of collaboration can help individuals to speak up about their experiences, values, and expectations. People unite to campaign and influence the agendas that shape and affect their lives.

In this coordinated way, the group can make impact in areas where an individual may be overlooked. The veterans’ collective advocacy project is set up to influence the work of the SVWA member organisations, and to help veterans across Scotland to regain control of their life-after-service narrative.

What will happen when I get involved in veterans collective advocacy?

The collective advocacy group is a safe space to chat, share ideas and plan action. You determine your level of involvement, and how you want to engage. There is no formal commitment or membership required. The group’s agenda will be developed and agreed on by group members to achieve its collective objectives. Meetings may be held online or in-person, at a place and time that best suits the group. Your views may be gathered through surveys or other electronic means. Community may be built through in-person events, virtual collaborations, and through social media.

Many people involved in our collective advocacy projects feel that they gain confidence through exposure to new experiences, learning new skills, forming new relationships, and developing a sense of community.

I have learned a lot about other people's experiences. I now see that there are many differences and similarities between my experience and others – this reassures you (are not the only one) and also opens up your mind to how different it can be for others.

CAPS Collective Advocacy Partner

The veterans’ group is facilitated by our collective advocacy worker Jessica Stubbs who will help to make sure your voice is heard.

For more information or to get involved, contact  Jessica on 07929 751 911 or e-mail

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