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Collective Advocacy Feedback Day

CAPS would like to warmly invite people who have been involved in Collective Advocacy to attend our Collective Advocacy Feedback Day!

Date: 30th May 2024

Time: 11am to 3pm

Place: Norton Park, 57 Albion Rd, Edinburgh EH7 5QY

Who it’s for: everyone who has been involved with Collective Advocacy at CAPS in the last year.

How to register: get in touch with Azra (on 07436 102 762 or or Ele (on 07948 740 158 or

This will be an event where we think about the past, present and future of collective advocacy. It’s a chance for you to feedback your experiences to us. 

Along with our in-person day we also have an online survey that you can complete, here You are welcome to complete the survey as well as attending on the day. We will be looking at feedback from responses to the survey to bring some ideas for discussion on the day. You are welcome to just do one or the other as well.

We will be having table discussions on different topics based on our survey questions and responses in the morning. Then there’s a free lunch. In the afternoon we will be getting creative by adding our thoughts and ideas to our flourishing collective advocacy tree!

We will be collecting responses from the day to help us shape the Collective Advocacy service and will also share with our stakeholders, including funders. If you would like to attend, have any dietary requirements, need any assistance with accessibility or transport, or have any other questions, then please get in touch with Azra on 07436 102 762 or or Ele on 07948 740 158 or

We hope to see you there!

‘Feedback Day, Explore and Reflect, Thursday 30th May 11am to 3pm At Norton Park, 57 Albion Rd, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY 
to register get in touch with Azra on
07436 102 762’
A graphic of a tree with leaves, each leaf has a word on it: ‘Heard’, ‘Choice’, ‘Rights’, ‘Voice’, ‘Power’, ‘Access’. ‘Future’ ‘past’ ‘present’
The CAPS logo and  ‘CAPS Independent Advocacy is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Scottish Charity number: SC021772’

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