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180 voices at Scotland’s biggest mental health art exhibition – Out of Sight Out of Mind at Summerhall Edinburgh. 

Launch: Tuesday 10th October 2023, 6 to 8pm (booking required) 

Exhibition: 11th to 29th October 2023 at Summerhall, Edinburgh 

Out of Sight Out of Mind is in its 11th year and is Scotland’s biggest mental health art exhibition. It takes place this October at Summerhall in Edinburgh and rejoins the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival programme which is also on at the same time.

The exhibition will be spread over three floors in Summerhall and will show artworks made by around 180 people, including films, paintings, sculptures, photography, installations and more.  

Many exhibitors will respond to the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival theme of ‘Revolution’. Some are expressing their own personal revolutions, or their vision of what a revolution could be. The exhibition will have a ‘Revolution Room’ where visitors can explore their own ideas on the theme.

A person stands looking at a large scale artwork in the Out Of Sight Out Of Mind exhibition which is brightly coloured and features hands and 'heart' 'joy' 'courage'.

Exhibition organisers said:

“We have been after a theme like this for a while. We have wanted something with punch, and we finally have it.”

 “Revolution can embody movement. It is not static, but a process of change and transformation. It can also be quiet and mindful, characterised by small gestures of the everyday which can have a large impact.” 

A number of people looking at the art work in the Out Of Sight Out Of Mind exhibition, an artwork includes the words 'you belong here'.

Out of Sight Out of Mind was started by a handful of activists and continues as a platform for many people with experience of mental health issues to express whatever they want to using art; their voices louder together. That in itself can be considered revolutionary. Visitors often experience seeing themselves and society reflected in the artworks, which can also be revolutionary for them.

The exhibition launches on the evening of 10th October, and will be open from 11th to 29th October, on Wednesdays to Sundays from 12-6pm. Visit the exhibition’s website for the most up to date information and see the programme of events:  

Events in association with the exhibition:

See the website for event updates and booking information from September 2023:

  • OOSOOM Uncovered Online (meet the exhibitors): Fri 20 October – 2-3.30pm
  • OOSOOM Uncovered In-person (meet the exhibitors): Wed 25 October – 2-4pm
  • Zines for a Revolution Workshop In-person: Tue 17 October – 1-3:30pm

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