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What is Independent Advocacy

Speakerphone: Please leave your message here

Organised by the Art Relay Team at CAPS Independent Advocacy

Date: Tuesday 21 May

Time: 1pm to 3.30pm (drop-in)

Place: at the Wee Hub, 1st Floor, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

Who it’s for: people with experience of mental health issues

How to register: Just come along, or contribute by email/phone

Do you have experience of mental health issues?

We are making an artwork that will amplify your voice.

What would you like to say?

We, the Art Relay Team, are creating an artwork in the form of a giant scroll, which we have affectionately called ‘speakerphone’. We will fill it with what people with mental health issues have to say (or shout, whisper, imagine, sing, dance, scribble, draw).

The scroll with be passed on to another art relay team at the end of May, and finally displayed publicly at an event called the Healing Arts Festival Scotland in August along with artworks made by other teams. More information on this to come.

You are invited to add your voice to the scroll in person, any time between 1 and 3.30pm on Tuesday 21 May, (details above) at the Wee Hub at Ocean Terminal. If you can’t manage along then you can send your message in advance to us, see below for details.  

Finally, we, the Art Relay Team say: Come on bring the art! We’re not acting out, we are arting out. The end is the beginning. Say it on the speakerphone!

Guidance for leaving your message on the Speakerphone

Only people with experience of mental health issues can take part.

What would you like to say? It’s up to you – a statement, a wish, a line from a song, a quote, a word, an image, a drawing, a doodle. Almost anything goes, please see below for what is not allowed.  

All messages will be anonymous. (This helps to protect people and avoids complicated GDPR considerations for us all).

You can add your message on the day directly to the scroll or ask a member of the Art Relay Team to add it for you.

Send your message in advance

You can send your message in advance and an Art Relay Team member will put it on the scroll for you. Send it by email or phone before Monday 20 May at 10am (see contact details below).

What is not allowed on the scroll

You can say anything you like! However, as this is a shared artwork we ask for some help to keep the artwork safe and respectful, so that it can include anyone who would like to take part.

Please notes that the Art Relay Team and CAPS staff reserve the right to not include or to remove messages if they think it necessary. 

Please do not add:

Peoples names, including yours

Personal details, or details that could reveal personal information

Websites, social media, contact details

Messages that we consider could be harmful to the speaker or the reader

Contact the Art Relay Team

Via Pam van de Brug, Art as Advocacy Manager, CAPS Independent Advocacy


Mobile: 07989402634

Speakerphone: please leave your message here…
Organised by the art relay team at CAPS Independent Advocacy
Do you have experience of mental health issues? We are making an artwork that will amplify your voice
What would you like to say
Come on bring the art! We’re not acting out, we are arting out.

When: Tuesday 21st May 1:00pm-3.30pm (Drop-in) Where: At the Wee Hub 1st Floor Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh How: Join us or contribute by email or phone

The end is the beginning

Say it on the speakerphone!
Come along or get in touch to find out more: Pam, Art as Advocacy Manager E-mail:, mobile: 07989402634
CAPS Independent Advocacy is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation Scottish Charity number: SC021772

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