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What is Independent Advocacy

CAPS will #Keep The Promise

An Independent Care Review listened, for over three years, to thousands of infants, children, young people and families. Many of them did not feel loved, were not kept safe, were not respected, and were not supported to achieve their potential. Scotland listened to the Independent Care Review’s recommendations. As a result, on 5th February 2020 all political parties in Scotland promised to make them a reality.

CAPS Independent Advocacy promises to play a part in bringing about the social change required. We will ensure that the voices of vulnerable children and young people are listened to and respected.

We believe that care experienced children and adults must have the right, and access, to independent advocacy, at all stages of their experience of care and beyond. Their needs in terms of who they can relate best to must be recognised and respected.

Children and young people must be listened to and meaningfully and appropriately involved in decision-making about their care. All those involved should listen properly and respond to what children want and need.

Read our full #keep the promise document to find out what action we will take.

To find out more about the Independent Care Review and the key priorities and areas of focus for the first three years see Plan 21-24.

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