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Collective Advocacy makes a real impact!

We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to our recent evaluation report. CAPS asked people who are involved with collective advocacy groups what they thought about the experience of taking part.

The survey asked whether it was easier to raise issues as part of a group than as an individual. It asked for views on challenging power imbalances through collective advocacy. We also asked whether people felt better informed as a result of coming to a collective advocacy group. We wanted to know how easy it was to get involved with collective advocacy and we asked about any other benefits of being involved too.

Download the full report to read all the questions and results from the survey. Here’s a taste of what people said:

I think individual advocacy is vital for issues relating to treatment and other specifics but in order to change systems being part of a collective has more power.

CAPS has been very easy to get involved with and I feel very welcomed.

It's so wonderful to discover shared experiences and shared views with other people. It gives you a sense of not being alone with your issues.

We were from the LEARN group and produced workshops.

Meetings took place using zoom and were well organised and facilitated. Communications with CAPS workers by email, telephone and zoom all good.

It's just a great organisation to be involved with and they really take the time to listen and learn about you so that they can align the opportunities available to your specific interests.

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