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Let Scottish Parliament know how the pandemic affected you

CAPS Lothian Voices collective advocacy group have been attending and contributing to the Scottish Government Cross Party Parliamentary Group for Mental Health for the last 18 months. This group meets quarterly to discuss issues that people face with mental health across Scotland. 

Cross-party groups | Scottish Parliament Website

Last year the group concentrated on the National Mental Health Strategy. This year the focus is on the Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The next meeting is on the 1st of February 2022 evening and is asking about the impact of Covid 19 for people with pre-existing health issues or disabilities.

  • What impact has the pandemic had on your mental health?
  • Do you think you have been disproportionately affected because of your mental health?
  • How did the pandemic affect your access to things that help your mental health?

If you have anything you would like us to tell them about this please get in touch with Ele:

A photograph of the outside of the Scottish Parliament. A number of windows in grey stone and with wooden slats outside them.
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