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Oor Mad History celebrations

We recently got together to celebrate and share the publication of our new book, ‘Oor Mad History: Ten Years On.’ The book looks at what has happened in the Lothian collective advocacy and ‘mad’ activism movement in the last ten years. We published the first Oor Mad History book in 2010 and this is a follow up. The stories and experiences shared in the book reflect the vibrancy, diversity, and accomplishments of the movement in recent years.

A volunteer, Andrew, at the Oor Mad History book launch

The launch was held on 11th May 2022 at Queen Margaret University. It attracted an audience of around 40 friends, supporters, and allies of Oor Mad History. We celebrated the book with speeches from people involved with local collective advocacy groups. Allies and supporters of the movement also spoke. We wish to send a big thanks to everyone who came along to the launch! 

A volunteer, Liz, speaking at the Oor Mad History book launch

Oor Mad History uses oral history interviews to preserve people’s memories about their involvement with collective advocacy and ‘mad’ activism in Edinburgh and Lothian. We have added the interviews we completed for this new book to the Oor Mad History archive for posterity. The archive now has over 100 contributions from people involved in the movement. We hope to add to this in the future.

Contact Lindsay ( to get a copy of the book!

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