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What is Independent Advocacy

Getting involved with groups

If you have lived experience of mental health issues, please contact us on We would be happy to chat about ways of being involved in CAPS.

  • Do you have lived experience of mental health issues? 
  • Would you like to use your knowledge and valuable experience to bring about change? 
  • Would you like to meet others with similar experiences?

To gain confidence working with others and presenting to groups of people

  • Would you like to work with our project development workers in groups? 
  • Gain valuable skills in delivering lived experience workshops?
  • Learn about advocacy?
  • Bring your enthusiasm and skills to mental health advocacy groups?

What do group members do?

  • Attend meetings and contribute views
  • Share experiences to plan training content or other purpose
  • Speak at workshops/events
  • Promote Advocacy
  • Help us recruit new group members or new staff
  • Help us to evaluate the work that we do
Two people hanging a piece of artwork on a wall

Feeling accomplishment through helping others to understand mental health

Affecting real change

Find out more

Please contact us on we would be happy to chat about ways of being involved in CAPS.

Meet our group members

Find out more about our Collective Advocacy projects

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