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What is Independent Advocacy

Publications and Reports


Annual Reports

People’s Conference Reports

The People’s Conference is an event for people with lived experience of mental health issues. It is planned by the Lothian Voices steering group, a collective advocacy group of people with lived experience of mental health issues, supported by CAPS Independent Advocacy.

Other Publications

LGBTQI+ Resources 2022

Much More Than A Label Toolkit 2011

This resource has been developed by people with experiences of personality disorder, to promote better understanding and support for people with experience of personality disorder.

  1. Section 1 Introduction
  2. Section 2 How does it feel…?
  3. Section 3 Diagnosis
  4. Section 4 Language and Labels
  5. Section 5 Support and Treatment
  6. Section 6 Attitudes
  7. Section 7 Living Your Life

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